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About Rub-Tech

Rubber production since 1979


Our history

When Olrich’s Gummiservice closed down its production in Hamar in 1979/1980, a company was founded. Gum-Tek As, which was to continue parts of the production. These were molded products – rubberization of equipment for the fishing fleet – coating of steel wheels and the like. as well as repair of all types of tires.

The development went in the direction of retreading bus-truck tires, and at most approx. 20,000 pictures tires per. year. The competition in this market was very fierce, and at the end of 1989 it was decided to run a controlled liquidation of the company. At the same time, Rub-Tech As was established, and this company purchased the equipment needed to run and pure technical rubber production without car tires.

The company rented premises in Hamar and started up in November 1989 with 5 employees. Businesses are a family business, and have been in the family since 1999.


New beginnings

Business growth

After almost 10 years, the sites were 500 sq.m. for production + warehouse became too small, so in October 1999 the whole company moved into rented premises in Moelv. The premises were located on the property of Moelven Limtre and were owned by Moelven Industrier ASA.

Here we got a functional building of approx. 1260 sqm + mezzanine with social room. In 2002, we bought the building from Moelven Industrier ASA. In 2008, we built a new cold store between us and our neighbor, at the same time as he also expanded so that we could use the plot between us. With this we got approx. 350 sq.m.

In the summer of 2009 we acquired Løkka Vulk Eftf. AS in Ålesund, and gained a larger customer base, especially on rollers and net hauling equipment. All production was transferred to Moelven, and the company in Ålesund was closed down.

In 2013, the neighboring premises became vacant, and we found it appropriate to acquire these, and then had a complete reorganization of production, as well as the construction of new offices, and we got significantly larger cold storage. With the latest acquisition, we now have more than 3,500 sq.m. under roof.

1979 - Now

Rub-Tech today

During these years, the company has developed significantly at all levels, and acquired knowledge of most things in the industry, and has a professionally good and stable workforce.

We are proud of our company and will continue to develop it in line with the requirements and opportunities our customers set and give us.