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Rub-Tech AS

Rubber & Solutions

More than 30 years of experience

Response on your inquiry within 24 hours

We understand that time is also money. Every single day we do our best to give you custom made quotations in the shortest possible time.

More than 30 years of experience

We work everyday with most types of rubber on the market, which makes it possible to properly asses the customers needs. We work with most rubber on the market, from soft cell-rubber to rock-hard abonite.

Available machine park at hand

Demanding project? No problem! We work with most types of rubber available on the market. Everything from soft cell- rubber to rock-hard ebonite.

Since 1989

No project too big or too small

We have more than 30 years of experience in delivery of rubber-based solutions as well as service and maintenance of lining in a whole variety of tanks and piping. 

Why choose Rub-Tech?


Precise project execution and according to the customer’s demands.


We understand customers need for quick service, feedback and quotation.


We strive to achieve mutural trust and respect with everyone we work with.


We see opportunities rather than limitations, and tailor solutions for your needs.

Our services

We have what you are looking for


Offshore & maritime

We produce according to the customer’s needs and deliver in most rubber qualities.

Powerplant & energy

We produce customized dam hatches, profiles, gaskets and seals, specialized to your needs.


We can supply most of the rubber parts for vehicles, tracked vehicles and tanks.

Industry & smelter

We serve a nearly endless selection of rubber rollers, wheels, gaskets, tanks, containers, and molded products.

Fishing & farming

We supply rubber rollers, drums and net rollers of all types with wear coatings in the best quality.

Mines & construction

We deliver moldings, profiles and rubber matts in a multitude of designs and qualities.

Goods & process

The limitations are few or none. Compact wheels, damper, linings, drive rollers, wear coating, and lists.


We can deliver specially adapted profiles according to the customer’s wishes.
Portrait of an handsome engineer in a factory

Service on-site

When the tank, pipe, or container is too large to transport, we offer on-site service.